I’m Not the Strong Friend, I’m the Broken One

Like all tragic stories I was a child looking for love in all the right places. My only issue was that those places had already been broken. In order to survive I learned to live without love. Unfortunately, now as an adult I’m realizing I can’t thrive without it. I wish I was the kindContinue reading “I’m Not the Strong Friend, I’m the Broken One”

Boredom Doesn’t Always Translate to BDSM

Okay, so y’all’s sex sucks? Haha, fine maybe sucks is too strong of a word, but you’re here for a reason right? You want to find out what more can be done to keep things hot in (or out of…) the bedroom. I get it relationships are tough; and people in long-term relationships may findContinue reading “Boredom Doesn’t Always Translate to BDSM”